Daily Harvest

ICYMI: We're obsessive about our ingredients and where they come from. So when we couldn't find the perfect farm-frozen fig, we partnered with San Joaquin Figs to make it a reality.

Matt Jura, owner of San Joaquin Figs

Matt Jura, owner of San Joaquin Figs

See the Story Behind Our Figs

Let's Take It Back

How farm-frozen figs became a reality


We set out to find a fig that struck the perfect balance between sweet and tart


San Joaquin Figs had been dreaming the same thing, but needed a partner to make it happen


Tried the first yield and were moved by the taste, texture, and nutritional value


First harvest happens August 2019


Find them, starring in our Tart Cherry + Raspberry Smoothie

It's A Family Thing

4 Generations

how long the Jura family has been in the business of figs


acres of figs span the hills of their farm


of California figs come from San Joaquin Figs

Very Carefully

San Joaquin Figs utilizes organic, sustainable farming practices (no synthetics, only natural soil cultivation and valuing people over machines). Every fig is farm-frozen within hours of harvest for peak ripeness and flavor - and, for every single fig farmed, three people are involved in its process: a picker, a sorter, and a stem remover.

Try these San Joaquin Figs in our
Tart Cherry + Raspberry Smoothie


Brebas (n.)

The small percentage of figs that ripen during the summer rather than fall

Caprifig (n.)

A male fig tree which is used to pollinate fruit from female fig trees

Eye (n.)

The small hole at the bottom of the fig

Naturals (n.)

Figs that have just been harvested but not yet washed

First Pick (n.)

The first of four or five harvests of the season


The Dirt

Good ingredients matter. Who farms them, where they're grown, and what makes them better.